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Aerospace / Defense

•Mil-STD  규정에 따른 시험설비 설계/제작/설치

•환경진동시험 및 분석 수행

•시험결과 분석 및 보고서 제출

Ground vibration test

Soft Suspension device for Aircraft GVT (Ground Vibration Test)

•Development of 6-DOF Free Soft Suspension System to simulate aircraft flight conditions

•All systems can be controlled by one Motion Control Unit

•Application of a control system that verifies the safety and stable behavior of the aircraft during the long-term aircraft motion characteristic test

MIMO vibration test

Desing and testing of aircraft payload environmental testing devices

• Design/Manufacture/Installation of Test Facilities (MIMO) in accordance with the provisions of Mil-STD-810G 514.7 Vibration Procedure IV

• Environmental vibration test and analysis are carried out according to the applicable condition specification for the payload

• Analysis of test results and submission of reports

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