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Engineering Service

Aerospace / Defense

1. MIMO vibration testing for durability evaluation related to defense equipment,

2. GVT(Ground Vibration Test) to ensure the reliability of the vibration analysis model by checking the mode characteristics of the test body by measuring the frequency response function of the flight prototype,

3. Reliable FE modal analysis that can replace or supplement the launching vehicle modal test

Noise/vibration engineering services will strive to improve research, support, and reliability through research and development through testing and analysis, identification of causes, and Fe model correlation.

Modal Test & corrleation

Modal Test & FE model correlation

• To secure a reliable vibration analysis model

• Updating the FE model by comparing the actual modal test results with the FE modal analysis results

• Repeat Process from part unit to assembly

Aircraft GVT

Soft Suspension device for Aircraft GVT (Ground Vibration Test)

•Development of 6-DOF Free Soft Suspension System to simulate aircraft flight conditions

•All systems can be controlled by one Motion Control Unit

•Application of a control system that verifies the safety and stable behavior of the aircraft during the long-term aircraft motion characteristic test

MIMO vibration Test

Desing and testing of aircraft payload environmental testing devices

• Design/Manufacture/Installation of Test Facilities (MIMO) in accordance with the provisions of Mil-STD-810G 514.7 Vibration Procedure IV

• Environmental vibration test and analysis are carried out according to the applicable condition specification for the payload

• Analysis of test results and submission of reports

CLA program

Service for CLA analysis

•Coupled Load Analysis (CLA) is an important process in the design and verification of projectiles and satellites

•Program development (MATLAB) to compare and review the results of lots of cases

•Key functions  1)SATELLITE combined with existing propellant and satellite support to perform SOL 112 (NASTRAN) analysis 2)Post-process analysis results to MATLAB program

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