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Automotive Test  and analysis
Engineering Service


In our daily lives, we use various transportation such as cars and subways, and we are exposed to a lot of noise and vibration.

The noise/vibration engineering service provides test evaluation and analysis from design to mass production, parts to vehicle to identify the cause of the problem and improve reliability.

Modal Test & correlation
Modal Test & FE model Correlation

• To secure a reliable vibration analysis model

• Updating the FE model by comparing the actual modal test results with the FE modal analysis results

• Repeat Process from part unit to assembly

Vibro Acoustic analysis
Acoustic Analysis

• Development of noise analysis technology for automobile parts

• Vibro-acoustic analysis using load and FE model

• Improve accuracy of FE analysis through correlation & updating of hybrid model of with Test FRF and FE model

Motor correlation
Correlation & updating of Motor

• Generally, Correlation & updating is performed at the Component level by adjusting the density, young'modulus, and poisson ratio of the FE model

•In the case of Stator, due to the manufacturing method, the correction result is not good with the existing method, so a new method is presented

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